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Family law is a very critical area of ​​law, as it not only deals with the legality of the separation, but also requires a high level of emotional interaction, sometimes on both sides. Legal issues aside, there is a lot of pain, hurt and anger that can cloud your judgment and force you to make hasty and not-so-wise decisions. Therefore, it is fair to say that a legal advisor can make the process of your divorce or legal separation as smooth as possible. Maatouks Law Group has a team of experienced family lawyers who can handle the legal aspects of your separation, while giving you ample time to handle the emotional aspects.

Wedding on the rocks? Our family lawyers in Sydney can help you

If you are considering a divorce or separation, you need a family law attorney to help you navigate the legal process smoothly. When separating, there are a number of things to consider – amicable division of assets, agreeing parental and child access rights, types of housing, etc. Such a family law issue cannot be dealt with smoothly without the help of a legal expert.

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Maatouks Family Lawyers will help you with your family law issues

We will assist you in all aspects of your family law case including:

  • divorce
  • facts
  • Ownership Agreements
  • care
  • marriage contracts
  • consent commands
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • separation

What to expect from our family law specialists in Sydney

Our family law team strives to provide the best client experience, which starts with treating you with courtesy and respect. We approach our clients with empathy and listen first to understand the type of emotional turmoil they are going through on top of the legal complications. While a family law attorney is not an expert in dealing with emotional turmoil, we add a degree of empathy to our services and do our best to unburden you so you can deal with your emotional state and get back on your feet.

We have a solid 30 year experience as a family law team and our lawyers are equally competent in all aspects of family law. Our family lawyers in Sydney can provide you with absolute advice and guidance on matters relating to divorce proceedings, matters of fact, property agreements, child custody, prenuptial agreements, consent forms, binding financial agreements and separation, as well as many other family-related legal issues.

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Complex family law issues

Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

It is a common understanding that the divorce process includes the liquidation of property and all other related matters. However, a divorce merely establishes that the marriage has been dissolved and the parties are free to remarry. The legal procedures for the division of assets, the liquidation of finances and various other arrangements are too lengthy and tedious for anyone to handle alone. Legal counsel must represent you to ensure you get your fair share as legally possible. Sydney Divorce Lawyers can assist with all family law matters including dissolution of marriage and division of assets. Our family law team in Sydney can help and guide you through the entire divorce and family law process.

What is a divorce petition?

As the name suggests, filing for divorce is the first step in dissolving your marriage if you have decided to separate from your spouse. A divorce petition can be a joint petition if you and your spouse have mutually decided to separate. In this case, one of you would be Claimant 1 and the other Claimant 2. An individual application is required if one of you applies for a divorce, in which case the applicant is the applicant and the other is the respondent.

How does the divorce application work?

Filing for divorce is a long process, so let's take it step by step.

Get your receipts

Before you enter the application phase, you need to put your documents in order. The documents required depend on your case. In general, the required documents

· Marriage certificate

· Name change certificate

· Consulting Certificate

· Proof of citizenship

· Visa-Dokumente

So, check with your attorney what documents you will need and prepare them before proceeding to the next step.

Preparation of an affidavit

An affidavit is a legal document used by the court as evidence in deciding whether to grant a divorce. An affidavit is required in certain cases, e.g

· If you do not have a marriage certificate.

· If you and your spouse have lived in the same household for the minimum period of separation.

· If you and your spouse have been married for less than two years and have not received any counseling.

· If your last name does not match your married or maiden name.

· If you don't know where your spouse is or if you have trouble contacting your spouse.

All matters can be mentioned in an affidavit, and if you are filing a joint divorce petition, your spouse may also need to make an affidavit. Depending on the case, you may also be able to request an affidavit from a third party.

Application for a divorce decree

Divorce petitions are all filed through the Commonwealth Courts Portal and also carry a small fee. Family lawyers in Sydney can help you through the entire process, from registering with the Commonwealth Courts Portal and preparing a new divorce application to completing the application and filing the affidavit.

Request a price reduction

You can apply for a divorce fee reduction for general reasons or financial hardship. Common reasons include possession of a government grant card, seeking legal aid, receiving some form of juvenile assistance, being in prison or a public institution, etc. Financial difficulties and exemption from court costs. Fees for services, transcripts and copies of the divorce petition would have to be paid.

serve your spouse

For all solo divorce applications, serving the spouse is an important or very critical step. If the spouse is not notified, your divorce application may be denied and if the spouse lives in Australia, the spouse must be notified more than 28 days before the hearing.

However, if the spouse is overseas, you have a 42-day window to notify them before the hearing.

Request for Replacement or Waiver of Service Orders

If you cannot serve your spouse, the court must be informed. You can apply to the court for a replacement order, which is the court's permission to otherwise serve you. Alternatively, you can ask the court to refrain from service, i.e. not to serve your spouse in any way. One is that you notify your spouse or apply to the court for a waiver or subsidy order, otherwise your divorce petition may be dismissed. On the other hand, any kind of replacement or waiver request can further delay your divorce proceedings.

serve in prison

When your spouse is serving time, you must follow certain rules while doing so. The rules must be followed, otherwise your divorce application may be postponed or rejected.

What is a consent request?

A consent order is issued by the family court when you and your spouse have decided to settle financial matters between you amicably. It is not only about finances, but also about the future and well-being of your children. But just because both parties have agreed doesn't mean that an order can be easily placed. The court must consider many factors such as: B. the finances of both parents and the well-being of the child. Our family solicitors can also help you obtain consent forms and your fair share of the property. We can also help you customize the consent form to suit your situation.

Book a free consultation

Our family lawyers in Sydney offer confidential and highly private advice on your family law matter. We listen to you carefully and understand your position. We can then provide you with effective advice to resolve any legal issues related to your divorce. You can also consult us by phone, and these consultations are completely free and last up to 15 minutes.

What financial and property rights issues are involved and how do our family lawyers help?

When filing for divorce, the court establishes all of the assets and liabilities associated with the marriage. From there, the total value of assets is determined and each party's contributions are assessed. Contributions here may or may not be financial or economic. Finally, other factors are taken into account when deciding on the division of assets, such as: B. the health of those involved, income, earning capacity, financial opportunities, retirement, caring for children under the age of 18 and the amount of maintenance required.

The Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court oversee property disputes arising from divorce cases. Our family lawyer in Sydney can represent your case very well. They can guide you in preparing your financial documents and give detailed evidence of your contribution to the marital estate. They can also provide solid arguments to ensure you get your fair share.

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liquidation of property

Family lawyers in Sydney can help with child custody issues

The custody battle is the most stressful process in any divorce case involving children. This is not due to lengthy procedures, but to the emotions involved. Children have priority in resolving family disputes and divorce cases. Throughout the process, you, as one of the parties and as a parent, are expected to protect the interests of your children from harm that the divorce may cause them.

Divorces should be resolved more amicably and the relationship between both parents and their children should not be disturbed. It's very important to note that asking a child to take sides during a parental argument can do more harm than we think.

The family court and the federal court can rule on custody and contact matters. There are strict guidelines to encourage early and full disclosure of the case, finding a speedy resolution to the dispute and encouraging the parties to seek only realistic and reasonable orders. If an agreement cannot be reached in court, the parties should be encouraged to identify the real issue of the dispute.

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Family lawyers in Sydney can help with child custody issues

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a family law attorney?

Sydney family solicitor fees vary from case to case depending on the needs of the case. Our family lawyers who are experts in family law can solve your problems so you get what is rightfully yours and can also help you through the process while you deal with the emotional side of the separation process. Most notably, we offer free telephone consultations at Maatouks Law Office.

Do I need a lawyer or can I represent myself?

In divorce proceedings, hiring a lawyer can be useful. However, depending on the complexity of your case, you can also represent yourself. You may need to hire an attorney if children are involved, if you are unsure what you are entitled to, if domestic violence is the reason for the divorce, if there is a dispute over the division of assets, or if your partner has an attorney turned on. You may also want to hire an attorney if you are not emotionally ready to deal with the legal aspects of your separation or divorce. Overall, hiring a family lawyer would only work in your best interest, especially if the case is complicated.

How long will it take for my family matter to be resolved?

The time required may vary from case to case. Generally, family law cases have multiple orders and court lists, such as: The consent decree can take anywhere from seven to 21 days to process, while preliminary hearings can take anywhere from six to 10 weeks. While urgent hearings are performed within seven to 14 days, extremely urgent hearings are performed on the same day. Final orders will be processed approximately 18-24 months after the submission date.

Experienced Family Lawyers in Sydney

Maatouks Law Group prides itself on being one of the premier family law firms in Sydney, with over 30 years of experience and legal expertise across all areas of law. We have offices in the central business districts of Sydney, Liverpool, Narellan and Penrith and serve the entire state. From taking control of your legal affairs to overcoming the trauma of a breakup, we can guide you in the right direction. Our team is experienced and qualified to deal with and assist clients with all types of family law issues.

We help with the documentation, the application, the tests, the process, the discussions and the end result. Our name represents the most professional yet empathetic team of lawyers as we treat our clients as people, not cases.

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