The best family lawyers in Sydney (2023)

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We have listed the top 10 family lawyers in Sydney to help you choose the best professional family lawyer for your needs.

The best family lawyers in Sydney (1)

Meredith Advogados

We are more than lawyers, we are trusted advisors, here to find practical and pragmatic solutions in an emotional moment.Led by David Meredith, an experienced, respected and sought-after family law attorney, Meredith Lawyers is proud to help thousands of people successfully navigate the complex and emotional world of family law. Starting in 2007 as a small law firm based in Perth, now based in Sydney, Meredith Lawyers serves clients across the country, providing realistic yet sensible solutions. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated attorneys come from a variety of geographic, educational, professional and disciplinary backgrounds.

Whether it's a property adjustment, child support, alimony or child-related disputes, we understand that family disputes can be difficult for everyone, which is why they need to be handled with sensitivity and empathy.We also routinely work for business owners facing the challenges of a family law dispute, navigating the complexities surrounding prenuptial agreements and business ownership. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, decades of experience and a wealth of client success stories, we have built a reputation as one of the leading family law firms in Sydney.

We are a results-oriented company, constantly striving to achieve the best possible result for our clients, taking into account our clients' budget, well-being and time constraints.

Contact us today, we are committed to getting you the result you deserve so you can start the next chapter of your life.

Contact – Meredith Advogados

The best family lawyers in Sydney (2)

uniform lawyers

uniform lawyersis ranked as the top three family lawyers in Sydney and handles all family law matters such as divorce, child custody, binding financial arrangements and division of family assets matters.

Compassion, attention to detail and accessibility characterize its highly qualified and internationally recognized family law team.

Unified Lawyers have a genuine passion for family law and truly understand that adultery and breakups can be traumatic and uncertain. For this reason, Unified Lawyers offers all clients a free consultation, during which an experienced family law attorney takes the time to discuss a client's family law matter and provide general guidance and advice.

Over250 5 star reviewsAnywhere across the web of satisfied customers, you can be sure you're in safe, caring hands.

Contact Unified Lawyers today for a free discussion of your family law matter. Uniform Lawyers are here for you.

Contact – Uniforms Lawyers

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The best family lawyers in Sydney (3)

family law lawyers

Families can be complicated.

But family law need not be.

Justice Family Lawyers specializes in family law and has achieved amazing results for thousands of our clients. Our reviews will tell you that every member of our team has consistently provided a high level of service to our customers.

We have honed our skills over many years to achieve the desired result. Our team brings to your benefit a successful track record and a wealth of knowledge in all areas of family law.

We'll help you get a realistic, complete and honest picture of what to expect during and after your agreement, so you can make the decision that's best for you.

Sometimes a quick and advantageous transaction is the best gain. Especially when it comes to family issues like divorce, custody and property.

The reason we stand out is our careful selection of smart, disciplined and results-oriented lawyers, each the best in their field.

We know the legal situation and we know who we are dealing with. This allows us to offer excellent results in all areas of family law.

OurDivorce Lawyers in SydneyEMelbourne Divorce Lawyersare willing to make a toll free call to assess your case immediately.

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The best family lawyers in Sydney (4)

Ponte circular legal

You can expect professional, efficient and innovative legal solutions tailored to your desired outcome. Circle Bridge Legal uses modern technology to reduce administrative red tape and ensure we focus on you.

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Our experience in law firms covers multiple areas of activity, serving from private clients to enterprising companies. Our team is highly qualified and accredited to work for you in any state or territory in Australia. We value long-term relationships with our trusted advisors in the areas of accounting, insolvency and finance.

Our aim is to differentiate ourselves from competitors through our underlying philosophy. This means that we believe in a holistic approach to your legal matter and a “problem-solving” mindset to offer strategic guidance that may or may not be the traditional solution.

When setting up Circle Bridge Legal, our founder and client had a creative blueprint in mind. The vision was to create a law firm that applied a disciplined, technology-based approach to crafting legal solutions, with a strong focus on strategy and creative problem solving.

When you choose Circle Bridge Legal, you are choosing a law firm committed to providing the most efficient and quality service available today.

Unlike traditional law firms, our team will work with you to define your legal issue, develop a range of options and develop creative solutions that best suit your particular situation.

Contact – Circle Bridge Legal Information

The best family lawyers in Sydney (5)

JB Advogados

We have offices in Canley Heights and Sydney CBD that distinguish our practice by measuring our success not by sales but by client satisfaction.

We offer our clients a service that combines high quality expertise and experience with individual attention and accessibility. We use ingenuity and creativity to better meet our clients' needs and work consistently to achieve their goals.

Wherever possible, we will work to reach the best possible settlement without going to court. If this is not possible, we will pursue your claim in court. There are many local law firms full of lawyers and solicitors who can handle your legal matters competently and provide you with proper legal advice.

But sometimes it takes more than just competent and adequate.

Here are some reasons why our customers continue to choose us:

  • Guaranteed callback within 24 business hours.
  • Cost agreements so you know how much you need to do before we get to work.
  • Extensive, off-market consultations - we know you're as busy as we are.
  • Mobile care - we'll meet you wherever it's most convenient for you, including at home, the hospital and your office.
  • Family Consultations - We would be happy if you would bring the children with you.
  • Legal advice in your language - we speak Vietnamese, Mandarin and basic English. We also have access to a variety of interpreters who can speak in multiple languages.
  • Jargon free legal advice.
  • Green services - we are a paperless office and committed to further reducing our carbon footprint.
  • A network of professional services, including accounting and business consultants; Mortgage brokerage, real estate brokerage, tax, financial planning, appraisal and valuation services, and interpretation services.


The best family lawyers in Sydney (6)

Reid Family Lawyers

Reid Family Lawyers is a family law firm dedicated to helping you resolve issues that have arisen as a result of your failed relationship.


Reid Family Lawyers was founded in 2006 by our Director, Fiona Reid. Having worked exclusively in the family law courts since 1999, Fiona's passion for family law naturally led her to open her own practice. A board-certified family law attorney, nationally board-certified mediator and independent child rights advocate, Fiona leads the firm with experience and a child-centered approach to support.

Originally based on Sydney's North Shores, Reid Family Lawyers has now developed a second office in Surry Hills, where we have been assisting Greater Sydney area clients since 2017. Our growth is a result of the relationships we build with our clients. our reputation in the field of family law and the excellent results we have achieved.

Despite our expansion, the Reid Family Lawyers team remains a close-knit group of passionate professionals. We work in partnership, using our combined skills and knowledge to achieve the best results for our clients.

Contact – Reid Family Lawyers

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The best family lawyers in Sydney (7)

real legal

Genuine Legal is an innovative law firm. We help people. Original.

Focus on family law
We operate exclusively in the area of ​​family law to maintain focus.

personal approach
Your order is as unique as you are. We promise a very personal approach to your concerns, no matter how busy we are.

Social responsability
Our mission is to help people in family law cases. We do and will continue to do pro bono work when we help people for free. We receive pro bono recommendations from the Law Society of WA Law Access, but you may contact us directly regarding a pro bono matter.

We are an innovative and well-equipped law firm. This allows us to charge less. We offer several rare solutions such as B. Fixed price offers for all legal services, extremely affordable payment plans and low hourly rates.

open and clear
Transparency is our core competence. You have a clear picture of how much your case is going to cost. Or the advice is very simple and clear, even if your order is complex. This is a critical factor in the attorney-client relationship. A clear understanding of the subject will allow you to hire us efficiently and save on legal fees.

At Genuine Legal, we are a team of professional legal representatives who believe in treating all clients with integrity and respect.
Given this philosophy, it's not surprising that most of our customers originally came through our doors on referrals from existing customers.

Contact - Genuine Legal

The best family lawyers in Sydney (8)

Die Norton Law Group

At The Norton Law Group, we pride ourselves on providing quality legal advice. We are committed to resolving issues quickly, cost-effectively and, if possible, without going to court. For this reason, Norton Law Group has been ranked as one of Australia's leading law firms.

Norton Law Group differentiates itself from our competitors through our approach:

  • Our focus and service are based on your needs and create added value at all times.
  • We offer expert legal services that have earned us a good reputation among our peers.
  • We are cheap.
  • We are approachable and personable and focused on long-term client relationships.
  • Our clients can work with the same attorney from start to finish.
  • We focus on solutions, not problems.
  • Norton Law Group is a long-established and respected law firm. We have offices in Sydney CBD and Leichhardt.

Norton Law Group was founded over 50 years ago by Mr. George Lapaine, who received an M.B.E. for outstanding service to the community. It was awarded. In that tradition, Norton Law Group remains a client-centric law firm and owes its success to our excellent level of service and the success we achieve on behalf of our valued clients.

Welcome to Norton Law Group and we look forward to assisting you with your legal needs and maintaining our excellent reputation for providing quality legal services and excellent customer service.

Contato – The Norton Law Group

The best family lawyers in Sydney (9)

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Medcalf Grant Lawyers

Founded in 2007 by Bob Medcalf and Philippa Grant, Medcalf Grant is headquartered in the heart of Manly, on Sydney's North Beaches.

In 2010, Medcalf Grant acquired the practice of Alex Mijovich & Associates and was joined in 2014 by one of Manly's best known solicitors, Ian Rolfe. Medcalf Grant is a distinguished law firm. Each member of our team comes from close to the North Beaches and is very proud of their local community. We offer highly experienced lawyers and an enthusiastic young firm.

Our team of criminal defense attorneys regularly appears on a wide range of criminal matters before local, district and supreme courts. We understand the legal process and how to get the best result.

Renowned for their expertise in complex disputes, our litigation attorneys are strong negotiators when compromise is needed and always attentive to your business interests. They take a pragmatic approach to resolving all civil and commercial disputes.

Our family attorneys aim to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution and negotiation to avoid the stress and expense of litigation. We explain your rights and make sure you are in the best possible position to achieve a favorable outcome.

Contact – Medcalf Grant Lawyers

The best family lawyers in Sydney (10)

Saba Advogados

Saba EL-Hanania is the head of the law firm with experience and expertise in the following legal fields; Family Law, Criminal Law, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation from District Court to District Court and up to the Supreme Court.

Saba EL-Hanania is a Family Law Specialist at the Federal Magiartes Court and Family Court of Australia.

The lawyers at Saba El-Hanania are experienced lawyers and their attorneys specialize in the areas of criminal law, family law, wills and probate, serious crime and commercial law and have a good understanding of their clients' instructions and needs.

Dealing with allegations of misconduct can lead to frustration, stress and anxiety. In these uncertain times, you deserve the support of a passionate, empathetic and caring law firm at your side, with the knowledge and experience to act quickly on your behalf.

Dedicated to defending the rights of the accused, Saba's lawyers pride themselves on fighting for justice. Our experienced criminal attorneys strive to provide you with the best criminal defense, no matter what charges you are facing.

We are different from other lawyers because we care about what happens in our homes and on our streets. Our hearts are undoubtedly with the people of Sydney!

Contact – Saba Advogados

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