Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (2023)

These are the top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne.

Choosing the best family lawyer in Melbourne can be difficult. There are countless attorneys out there, and some of them have impressive websites. But how do you decide which of these lawyers is best for you? The family is the most basic and basic unit of society. But sometimes, for whatever reason, conflicts arise, and the consequences are not exactly what you might call great. Whether it's about divorcing your spouse or becoming a parent, securing custody of your children, or suing your spouse for child support.

There are many other questions to be answered in family law as well. That's why this article is about the best family lawyers in Melbourne. These law firms have lawyers known for their expertise. Needless to say, each of them has their own area of ​​expertise. This article provides details on what to look for in Melbourne family solicitors. It will also help you to find the best family law firms in Melbourne.

1.Pentana Stanton Familienanwälte

Pentana Stanton Lawyers was founded in 2014 and quickly grew into a large law firm with dedicated departmentsfamily law,commercial litigationEcriminal law. The team provides services in Victoria, Australia, with offices in all major jurisdictions.

Pentana Stanton family attorneys are well versed in negotiations, out of court settlements, litigation and complex court cases. With a hands-on and empathetic approach, its team works with clients to achieve fast, affordable results in even the most challenging circumstances.

The office handles a significant number of cases in all areas of family law, including:

  • Complex property disputes.
  • Unscheduled liquidations, including permit applications and binding financial agreements.
  • marriage contracts.
  • High net worth clients and related business entities.
  • Parental disputes and custody arrangements.
  • spousal support.
  • alimony issues.

Pentana Stanton Attorneys' experience in commercial matters means that the firm can act as a full-service partner for entrepreneurs and clients with complex investment structures going through separation or divorce. In addition, the Division of Criminal Justice can assist and represent individuals dealing with restraining orders or criminal charges related to family separation issues.

Contact Pentana Stanton attorneys today


Telephone: (03) 900 22 800

E-mail:[Email protected]

Melbourne CBD-Address:Ebene 3, 552 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Dandenong address: Suite 9 (Level 1) 50-54 Robinson Street, Dandenong VIC 317 law lawyers

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (2)

Justice Family Lawyers are family lawyers based in the city of Melbourne. Specializing in laws that cover all aspects of family life, their main objective is to help you and your family achieve the outcome you want. If you need help with liquidation or child custody, we're here to help.

As well as a plethora of informative articles on family law in Australia, they are also a dedicated family law office. Surprisingly, they also talk about how willing they are to fight even for their pets during their breakup. Hayder Shkara is the lead attorney trained at UTS. They also explain how to get divorced in Australia if you got married overseas.

They also answered a number of frequently asked questions on their website. However, we think their website could be a little better designed. Their blog section also has great blog posts that can teach a regular Melbourne resident a lot about family law work in Australia.

Address:Level 23, Tower 5, 727 Collins St.

Telephone:3 8609 0329

Internet site:

3.Accessible Family Law

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (3)

Accessible Family Law is a respectful and accessible family law firm based in Melbourne. They provide families with compassionate legal advice and full representation in the family legal system. They have the LGBTQ flag on their website, indicating that they are an LGBTQ compliant law firm. They also explained their fees if you decide to choose them to represent you on your website. Their family law services include dispute resolution, intervention orders, child and spousal support, estate adjustment, parenting issues, and last but not least, divorce.

Accessible Family Law is a family law firm based in Melbourne, Victoria. His areas of expertise include: Divorce, including asset adjustments, paternity and child issues, separation and matters of fact, including asset adjustments, child custody and paternity issues.

If required, you can also access the blog section to increase your knowledge of what the law says about family issues in the city of Melbourne. They also recognize the rights of Indigenous Australians and have shown respect on their website.

Address:27-33 Raglanstr

Telephone:3 7002 6222

Internet site:

4.hartley lawyers

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (4)

Hartleys Lawyers is a professional Melbourne law firm serving clients from all walks of life. Lawyers combine their skills and passion to protect your interests, solve your legal problems and guide you through them. They have over 65 years of industry experience and offer a range of services to businesses, individuals and families. Hartley attorneys are highly qualified criminal and family law experts who understand people's needs and don't just talk theory. They listen to you and use their skills to change things for you when things don't go as planned, be it on an international or local level.

Their tagline is "Real People, Real Solutions", which means that they are sure to solve your problems. If you want, feel free to schedule a 100% FREE consultation with them by giving them a call. Another great thing is that they also operate in several places besides Melbourne.

The law firm is almost two decades old as it was founded in 2001. A great thing about them is that they have mainly focused on areas in and around the city of Melbourne to practice and therefore have a great impact on the laws and courts locations.

Address:Newport, 34 Mason Street

Telephone:3 9364 7400

Internet site:

5.Farrell Familienanwälte

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (5)

Farrell Family Lawyers is a family law firm based in Melbourne, Victoria. They offer professional family law service through our team of experienced attorneys. They offer a range of other services in addition to the usual family law services. For example, they also help people in same-sex relationships with their problems through legal means. They can also help you with international child abduction cases. While you might think this is a rare occurrence, it's still a relief for those affected.

Farrell Family Lawyers pride themselves on being more efficient for their clients in the area of ​​family law and litigation. As the law firm of choice, Farrell Family Lawyers encourages clients to call them as soon as possible to avoid marital separation and help families overcome any issues that may affect their relationship.

Incidentally, they also have specialist accreditation from the Law Institute of Victoria. Another great thing about them is that all of the top lawyers are women. They will also tell you for FREE where you stand legally.

Address:Level 7/410 Collins St.

Telephone:3 8393 0144

Internet site:

6.Familienanwälte em Blackwood

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (6)

What we like most about them, aside from their great ratings and reviews from past customers, is that they've listed helpful links about the issues you're having. However, the legal services they provide are widely available. Despite this, they appear to be a company that does its job well. They understand that family law is stressful, difficult and often confusing and will help you navigate this process smoothly and quickly with their experience, knowledge and professionalism.

However, the law firm is once again dominated by lawyers. The firm's two lead attorneys are Marita Bajinskis and Wendy Jenkins. You can also read the testimonial to learn more about the experiences of their past customers.

And on a separate page of their website, they even explained the legal terms related to family law. Blackwood Divorces Lawyers are here to help. With years of experience in all areas of family law, they provide comprehensive advice and ensure that each of our clients gets the most out of their legal services. Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about how they can help.

Address:3/224 Koeniginstr

Telephone:3 8672 5222

Internet site:

7.just family law

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (7)

Just Family Law is a boutique team of solicitors and attorneys focused exclusively on family law matters. They provide clients across the state of Victoria with quality advice, support and representation in all aspects of family law.

They excel in their services, keeping up with current events and issues faced by families across the world. From domestic violence cases to divorce cases, they have handled a huge number of cases and are extremely competent in our respective fields. They help families and individuals navigate one of the most complex areas of law. Dealing with kids, property, finances and people is hard enough without legal issues adding to the stress. Your team will guide you through the legal process so you can focus on moving on with your life.

But there's a problem, in the family law department, they mostly talked about divorce. However, this does not mean that they do not address related issues such as wealth management, financial support and child-rearing matters. You can fill the contact form to request more legal information from them.

Address:Level 4/326 William Street

Telephone:3 9650 1615

Internet site:

8.FGD Family Lawyers

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (8)

In addition to everyday legal issues in family law, they can also help you with domestic violence, mediation and surrogacy. FGD's Melbourne family lawyers have been helping families resolve their disputes in and out of court for over five decades. They specialize in a variety of areas of family law, including divorce, children, child support and estate settlement.

FGD Family Lawyers is a professional law firm employing highly qualified and experienced attorneys and accredited family counselors in the field of family law.

hey is a team of experienced attorneys who have many years of experience dealing with a wide variety of family law matters including divorce, separation and child custody matters. They also claim to be a top notch law firm when it comes to family law. But they don't just deal with family law. Since they also help commercial clients, tax advisors and management consultants, as well as properties. If you want, send them an email at[Email protected]. If you are in a family dispute, have children with someone abroad or have been sexually abused, it's time to call the FGD.

Address:Rua Little Lonsdale 5/466

Telephone:3 8376 7000

Internet site:

9.Go to Court Lawyers

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (9)

Go To Court Lawyers is a team of attorneys and paralegals dedicated to making this as simple as possible. They have been helping families in Victoria with their cases for over 20 years.

They offer competent family law advice and services. Your legal team can help you with matters such as: divorce and separation, de facto paternity issues, property agreements and child support.

They've made what they call a legal hotline available to people, which is open from 7 am to midnight every day. However, it should be noted that this is not a specialist law firm for family lawyers. They have a large team of attorneys and solicitors who specialize in areas such as divorce, property agreements, paternity agreements and children's matters. Contact them today for more information.

Address:Ebene 13/575 Bourke St

Telephone:3 9037 3192

Internet site:

10.Nicholas family lawyers

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (10)

Nicholes Family Lawyers is a leading Melbourne family law firm, assisting families with all aspects of family law. They take great pride in providing personalized legal advice and services tailored to your unique needs. They aim to help you and your loved ones achieve the best possible results and make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

They provide a consistently high level of service and understand that every customer is unique and their needs are different. They recognize that all matters are important to the customer and strive to maintain their dignity and privacy in difficult times.

They are another firm that specializes in family law. By the way, you are one of the few law firms that has its own podcast to discuss issues related to Australian law. They also have a blog section that is updated from time to time with new posts about family and the legal complications that go along with it. And they even made the Twitter feed available on their website.

Address:Level 12/460 Lonsdale St.

Telephone:3 9670 4122

Internet site:

11.berry family law

Top 10 family lawyers in Melbourne - (11)

Looking for the best Melbourne family lawyers? Berry Family Law is one of Melbourne's leading family law firms. They advise clients on all aspects of family law, including divorce, division of property, child support, alimony and parental agreements.

Their team of experienced and highly qualified family attorneys can help you achieve a fair outcome in your case - whether you're trying to negotiate a settlement or want to make a claim in court. Contact them today to speak to one of our Melbourne family lawyers.

Address:4/552 Lonsdale Str

Telephone:3 9397 2488

Internet site:


So, if you want the support of the best family lawyers in Melbourne, then you can contact any of the law firms mentioned above. When choosing, ask them about cases related to yours that they have successfully won. Since family matters are such a sensitive subject, make sure your assigned attorney is comfortable discussing the details of the case.

We know how important cases like this are in their hearts and minds, which is why we have done our best to classify these law firms in the context of family law.

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